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Bus service cuts – effects on bus rambles

Derbyshire County Council are looking to make cuts in subsidised bus services – which cost £3.7 million a year to run and cater for 3.8 million passengers.
This comes at a time when greater emphasis is being placed nationally on walking – for reasons of health, cost, the environment, congestion and pollution.

We cannot walk everywhere. We need the assistance of public transport.

Depending on the decisions resulting from their consultation, the greatest impact will of course be on rural villages and the urban housing estates affected.
Many of the potential cuts will remove or reduce not only daytime services, but evening and Sunday services which are already very limited.

As a walking group we have a strong emphasis on bus walks. It enables those without private transport, and those who would prefer to leave their car at home, the freedom to walk in the countryside.
Public transport, especially in the Peak, is also invaluable for tourism.

The network of buses we use throughout the county could be drastically affected.
Current subsidised routes include, for example, the 16 / 16A bus that runs from Hasland through Chesterfield to Newbold, Cutthorpe, Linacre and Barlow ; the 63 bus from Clay Cross to Chesterfield via Ashover ; the 66 from Chesterfield to Tideswell, via Eyam and Great Hucklow.

The Council presumably knows the customer traffic and cost involved for each of the many routes from the bus companies concerned, but it is inviting comments and information on what the journeys are for and how the cost could be reduced.

It’s vital that individual users of all the services respond to the consultation. The routes affected are listed at the end of the questionnaire.

Click on the bus image above to access and complete it online.

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