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Clarion Discovery Walks

We have a week long programme of walks this autumn under the ‘Clarion’ banner.

Why ‘Clarion’ ?

Firstly to rekindle the spirit of
Sheffield Clarion Ramblers, who were the foundation walking group in this area.
They were established by GHB Ward of Holmesfield (the King of Ramblers) in 1900, who subsequently left substantial funds to the Ramblers and related charities.
Their walks programmes are historic pieces and well worth reading if only to see the range and distance undertaken in them- and the core educational basis because
‘a rambler made is a man (and woman) improved !’

because this is a clarion call for the group, at a time of severe budgetary pressure on our county council, to increase our membership and support the Ramblers in their work in protecting and expanding our vital rights of way network.
‘Discovery’ because that is the theme of the walks. We want people to finish a walk thinking ‘I have never been there before, or I never knew that.’
In other words, as regular walkers know, there is far more to walking than just going for a walk.
Please participate in the walks, but in particular bring along friends, family, neighbours, etc who can be encouraged to join us.

Avenue Washlands

Saturday 26 October
Walton Woodlands Wander
(4 miles) 14:30

Sunday 27 October
Avenue Amble & Washlands Wander
(4.5 miles) 10:00

Monday 28 October
Holymoorside circular
(4 miles) 10:00

Wednesday 30 October
Chesterfield Inner Twist
(10 miles) 10:00

Chesterfield Inner Twist

Wednesday 30 October
Canals, Coal, Railways, & Regeneration
(7 miles) 10:00

Thursday 31 October
‘West Chesterfield Way’
(10 miles) 10:00

Thursday 31 October
Clay Cross Heritage Walk
(2.5 miles) 10:30

Friday 1 November
West Chesterfield Wander
(7.2 miles) 10:00

Saturday 2 November
Historical Wander around Wingerworth
(6 miles) 10:00

The Bolsover Grand Slam

Chesterfield Art Trail

Saturday 2 November
Chesterfield Art (& other Trails)                             Sunday 3 November
(4 miles) 14:00                                                       The Bolsover Grand Slam
(15 miles) 9:00
  Non-members welcome – booking not required

A voluntary collection to raise funds on behalf
of our local Air Ambulance Service will be taken
on each walk

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