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Group Update (01/23)


     January 2023     

A Happy New Year to all our members !

I was appointed as the new Chairman of the club at the AGM in November alongside Sue Harvey who is now our new Club Secretary.

I put myself forward as no-one else seemed to have the appetite to take on the role, putting the future existence of the club at risk.

I’m sure you will all join me in thanking Isobel for her three years of hard work as the previous Chair.

As a relatively new member of the club, I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself.

I moved to Chesterfield in 1998 and joined Chesterfield Ramblers shortly afterwards so I could learn more about the local area. In those days I walked with, what I think was called, ‘the 40’s Group’.

My other passion is cycling and that started to take over most of my spare time, which meant I left the club after about three years and ended up cycling with three different local cycling clubs.

During the worst of the Covid epidemic, like many people, I started walking locally and re-joined the club at the start of last year so I could walk with other people and explore routes further afield. I’ve always loved the outdoors, walking, cycling, camping and travelling and have been a volunteer walk leader for HF Holidays since 1994 leading walks in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Since becoming Chairman I have had lots of support from other committee members and I’m going to have to rely upon them for the next few months until I get my feet under the table !

As always, we are looking for additions to the committee and volunteers to help with the running of the club. If you are willing to help, please contact any member of the committee.

Although we are still in the depths of winter, our seven walks organisers have been busy putting together each group’s programme for the summer months – please help them to fill in any gaps that might still exist. A big thankyou to all of you who have already volunteered to lead walks.

One of the things that impresses me the most about our club is the wide range of walks that we offer on different days of the week to suit various abilities – and yet, for some reason, we don’t seem to attract that many new members. I don’t think our club is alone in that respect, but we shouldn’t give up trying to increase our membership, particularly from younger people in our communities. Anyone who is prepared to help promote our club at local events or has ideas on how we can improve our ‘presence’ and get our message ‘out there’, please get in touch with the committee !

Although I tend to walk with the ‘Wednesday Longer Car Walks’ group and occasionally with the Saturday and Sunday groups, I am aiming to join a walk with all of the other groups in the coming months so I can get to meet as many of you as I can.

Best wishes,

Michael Stainer

(Group Chair)

A message from the
Friends of Grassmoor Country Park

‘We are involved in a lot of projects in Grassmoor Country Park that are coming to a conclusion. These include opening the Lagoons section, creating a 2.5 km round route, new benches, and much more.
Over the next couple of months we have trees to plant in a ‘Covid Memorial’ field that is being created.

We are looking for a few volunteers to help to dig holes and plant the trees.
Do you have any likely volunteers who may be interested in helping and haven’t handed in their spades yet ?’

Any member available to help, please contact

Area AGM


Another reminder that it’s the turn of our group to host the Ramblers Area AGM in 2023, and this will be held in the Coal Aston Village Hall on Saturday 28 January at 2:00 pm

Come and support the group !

As is traditional it will be preceded by a morning walk (not compulsory) for those interested.

SYNED Area AGM (& walk)

Chatsworth free parking

Chatsworth Hunting Tower

The increasing cost of car parking in the Peak is a problem for some of our walks and so it is helpful that Chatsworth offers free parking this year from 9 January to 16 March.

We have one scheduled walk starting there on
Monday 13 February but the facility may also be useful for private outings.

Canal Walking


A new book from one of our members, available at the Hollingwood Hub, or online ….