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Hasland Green to Storforth Lane (C2 3/1, C2 147/1 and C2 171/1)

Hasland Green entrance

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On the ground there is a good, generally wide tarmac footpath route from Hasland Green (near Broomfield Avenue) to Storforth Lane near the Eyre Street East junction, via the pavement on Jepson Road.
Half of it is also a defined cycle path.
C2 2/1 from the Manor Farm direction joins C2 147/1 part way along the route.

However from a PROW point of view there are anomalies ;

1. Footpath 3/1 from Hasland Green comes to an abrupt end even though there is a wide tarmac path continuing to Jepson Road.
2. There is a path (not tarmac) from 3/1 to Smithfield Avenue that is not a PROW.

The route is usually well maintained by the council.

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