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News Archive (June 2019)

The Ramblers
Wednesday 26 June

Dronfield Rotary Walk

Leader: Basil

A longer than usual bus walk saw a select band of four doing the 14.5 mile Dronfield Millennium Round Walk.
A grey day but dry following a period of heavy rain.
As such the conditions underfoot were difficult with soft ground, long wet grass, and mud.
Progress was therefore slower than usual.
Despite the mists there were hints of good views and it was an enjoyable day.


Winster Wander

Leader: Graham

On a cool and misty June day a group of 28 completed a 10.5 miles walk from Winster along the Derwent Valley and Limestone Ways to Birchover, Darley Dale, Snitterton, and Bonsall.

The Ramblers
Saturday 22 June

Slow Worm, near Darley Bridge

Rowsley, Birchover, & Darley Dale

Leader: David    Photos: Mel & Cathy

A walk up the Cork Stone on a fine day

14 of us met at Rowsley for a near-10 mile walk on a glorious summer day.
We climbed 1000 feet or so up on to Stanton Moor before our coffee break and on the way we encountered what looked like hundreds of people and their multi-coloured tents continuing to celebrate the Summer Solstice at the Nine Ladies Stone Circle – a celebration that’s probably been held there for up to 2000 years.
I had intended to stop there for our morning break, but with the throng of people around we decided to carry on a little further.
We learned a little about the Urn people, who lived on the moor around 4000 years ago and where, in accordance with their beliefs, they were cremated to be as close as possible to the sky and stars.
After coffee we came to the prominent Cork Stone, where just one of the agile members of the group took advantage of the iron hand holds and was up to the top in no time. No one else dared follow her example.
Leaving the Moor, we dropped down to Birchover, on past Rowtor Rocks, and then turned up to Rockingstone Farm to descend down through the woods into Darley Dale – on the way noting the substantial remains of a massive, almost church-like, building used in mining hereabouts.
On our way down a slow worm crossing the road attracted much attention – and as it seemed to be going too slow for its own safety,it was given a gentle helping hand!
From Darley Bridge we left the hills behind us and continued over the fields to Church Town, where several of the group were unaware of the 2000 year old yew tree in the churchyard. The church is not usually open, but we found a wide open back door and went in – much to the surprise of the vicar, who was busy writing his sermon for the next day.
He explained that recent tests carried out suggest that the tree may be nearer 4000 years old, rather then the 2000 currently claimed. He also explained that what we thought was a rather poor example of a millstone reared up by the door was actually a Roman cremation stone.
That was he end of history lessons for the day and we returned to Rowsley over fields and woodland paths by the River Derwent.

The Ramblers
Wednesday 19 June

Around the Cordwell Valley

Leader: David

Twelve of us set off from Millthorpe and had a four mile walk around the
Cordwell Valley, going up to Unthank and on to Moorhall, and then back along Rumbling Street and Johnnygate; these unusual place names led to much speculation as to their origins, which by and large members of the party were able to answer.
The weather was fine and – thankfully after the heavy recent rain of recent weeks – the paths were largely dry.

Appointment with Black Harry

Leaders: Terry & Eileen    Photos: Mel

The Black Harry Trails

exhibits include a well known lion and polar bear, plus the Rhinoceros. The latter is not an animal but a massive piece of locally made ceramics. The Wetherspoons pub in

Don Valley Way

Leader: Basil

The unsettled June weather has continued.

Disappointingly there were only four of us on a walk from Rotherham to Sheffield – using a section of the Don Valley Way.
The section is 9 of the 29 mile route and takes in the New York stadium, Meadowhall, and the brilliant ‘Spider Bridge’ near the Wicker in Sheffield.
A fine warm day – and we preceded the walk with an introduction to Rotherham with a visit to the 1483 Chapel on the Bridge, Market Hall, and Clifton Park.

A walk that clearly needs to be re-cycled.

The Ramblers
Wednesday 12 June

Woodseats to Eckington

Leader: Basil

In a dismal week for weather, only three brave souls took a route from Woodseats Library to Eckington on the bus walk.
Some slippery conditions underfoot and some seemingly high stiles on the Dronfield Round Walk (and Sheffield Country Walk) bit.

Stiles and gates

Castle, Cave, & Cross

Leader: Edna    Photos: John

Castleton, Cave Dale, Oxlow Rake, Mam Tor, Under Lose Hill

A grim old day with rain all the way on the drive to Hope, the starting point.
However it then stopped and the whole walk was rain free.
Both views are of the ridge during the descent from Mam Tor – with Lose Hill in the cloud behind Back Tor.

Flagstones help in the fight against erosion

The Ramblers
Wednesday 5 June


Leader: Sara    Photo: Mel

The evening group on Baslow Edge

Alport Height

Leader: Val

The first of this summer’s long bus ‘Alport’ walks ;

12 of us on the walk this week of just over 9 miles.
In search of our first ‘Alport’, we climbed up from Cromford, mainly following the Midshires Way via Alderwasley Hall and Shining Cliff Woods – to gain wide open views on a clear day.
A short stop on Alport Height enabled us to identify a number of distant hills before descending to Wirksworth and the bus home.

‘Alport 2’ is on July 3rd.

Rob Randle’s Memorial Walk

Leaders: Gavin & Rhona    Photos: John & Mel

Better weather than last year for the walk from King’s Tree in the Upper Derwent Valley to Slippery Stones, Barrow & Grinah Stones, and Linch Clough.

The loneliness of the long distance walker ?
(The Grinah Grain is the prominent valley with Win Hill beyond right of centre)

Not really
Company at hand for a Grinah Stones lunch break

Grinah Stones