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News Archive (March 2022)

Sunday 27 March

Bamford Edge

Leader & Photos: Mike

Hollin Bank, Bole Hill Wood, Bamford Edge, Cutthroat Bridge, Moscar Lodge, Stanage High Neb

A group of eight walkers started the walk from the Hollin Bank car park ; the original start point at the toilets had to be amended as access to Tain Wood was prevented by ongoing tree felling.
The weather at the start was dry, cool and sunny and forecast to remain for most of the day.
We proceeded along the road towards Dennis Knoll and followed the path down to Green’s House to pick up the original route and on to Bole Hill Wood.

A steady climb up and along Bamford Edge followed and a coffee break here allowed the group to admire great views of Win Hill and Ladybower Reservoir.
We continued along the edge and made our way around Jarvis Clough and along Hardron Edge to reach Cutthroat Bridge.

It was then along the paths and tracks, passing by Moscar House to reach Moscar Cross Road.
This road and access is closed until mid summer.
Another amendment to the planned route was made and we proceeded along Sugworth Road and picked up the Sheffield Country Walk to bring us to Moscar Lodge and our lunch stop.
After lunch, the group crossed the A57 and continued on the Country Walk passing Stanage End and on to High Neb and Stanage Edge.
We descended from the Edge through Stanage Plantation to North Lees and back to the start.

A nice walk enjoyed by all.
The total distance was extended from the planned 10.3 miles to 12 miles as a consequence of path and road closures. Walk elevation 1500 ft.

Saturday 26 March

Derwent Edge

Leader: Sue   Photos: Mel

Derwent Edge, Whinstone Lee Tor, Bradfield Gate, Lost Lad, Fairholmes, Grindle Clough

On a beautiful warm and sunny day, 12 walkers set off from Cutthroat Bridge for
Derwent Edge.
The route took us up to Whinstone Lee Tor, from where we admired stunning views of
Ladybower and the Derwent Dams. All the way along the Edge we were rewarded with fantastic
views of the Dams and the various rock outcrops along the way.
From Lost Lad the visibility was so good that we could see Bleaklow, Grinah, and Barrow Stones.
A light breeze accompanied us along the Edge but this disappeared once we had descended from Lost Lad and when we had our lunch it felt like a summer day.
In the afternoon our route took us past the farm at Briery Side and down to Derwent Reservoir where the sun was sparkling on the water.
Then for the sting in the tail – the climb back up to Derwent Edge!
We gradually ascended Grindle Clough to reach the Edge and retrace our steps to Cutthroat Bridge and home.
Altogether a lovely day – 10.4 miles and 1876 ft of ascent – capably managed by the whole group.

Wednesday 16 March

Polish Up The Chrome

Leader: Mike   Photos: Ann, Tricia, & Dermot

Hardings Booth, Chrome Hill, Underhill

A group of 11 intrepid walkers set off from the Market Place in Longnor, aiming to traverse the ‘Dragons Back’ (Chrome Hill).
The forecast for heavy rain later in the day did not dampen the spirit of the group.
The rain at the start did quickly ease and visibility was improved as we followed the Manifold Trail, going through the boggy fields at Fawside and Hardings Booth, and over the River Manifold.
The steady climb up the track to Fawside Edge necessitated the removal of various waterproof layers and hats!
The group then dropped down to High Ash, going via Ball Bank House Farm.
Keeping to the Manifold Trail we climbed up again, steeply, to reach Edge Top and a well earned coffee stop. Good views over the valley below.

We proceeded along the lane passing by the remote Edge Top Farm to pick up the bridleway going down to Golling Gate and Hillend.
On the track around the farm at Tenterhill we picked up the narrow and wet bridleway down to reach the old packhorse bridge over the River Dove.
Many trees have suffered storm damage in this small valley and some existing footpaths subsequently remain blocked.

From this bridge we continued climbing up the old paved bridleway to reach the hamlet of Leycote and onwards to Booths Farm.
Following the track and paths around Stoop Farm and joining the concessionary footpath above Tor Rock, we went down the steep grass bank to begin the climb over
Chrome Hill

Light rain began to fall as we carefully made our way up this hill using the narrow limestone paths and outcrops. Some scrambling needed in certain sections as the slippy texture of muddy limestone became more apparent. A well earned lunch stop was taken at the summit.

We carefully descended the ‘Dragon’ down steep grassy banks and limestone to reach the track below Parkhouse Hill.
At this point the rain became heavy and the weather had closed in.
It was decided that we would shorten the route and miss out going to Earl Sterndale. We proceeded along the lane to Glutten Bridge and then took the track to Underhill Farm and Green Lane.
From here we crossed Beggars Bridge over the River Dove again and climbed up the muddy fields and hard lane to reach “Top o’ th’ Edge” and our return back into Longnor.

The group enjoyed the day and didn’t let the rain spoil the walk. (9.8 miles ; 1800 ft of ascent).

Saturday 12 March

Wingerworth & Walton

Leader: Mike   Photos: Mel

Stubbing Pond, Stone Edge, Holymoorside

A group of 11 walkers started this walk from the Barley Mow pub in Wingerworth.
Within the group we had a member from the Sheffield 40’s Group and another from Dearne Valley Ramblers – plus a guest trying this walk as a ‘taster’ walk.
We passed Stubbing Pond and Stubbing Court Home Farm and climbed up to reach Stone Edge.
Crossing the A632 and then along Belland Lane for a coffee stop at the Stone Chimney

Stone Edge Chimney

Following the track we walked to the Stanage Golf course and headed down the footpath at the side of Gladwin Wood and onto the path to lead us past the pond and dam in Holymoorside.
The lunch stop taken using the seats at the Village Hall.
The group then took the muddy paths to come out onto Walton Back Lane and headed up over fields to reach Walton Lodge Farm.
Crossing the A632 again to access the track and paths around Broadgorse Farm, climbing up to Harper Hill and picking up the footpaths to Swathwick.
From here we followed the road back to the start.
The weather was a mixture of cloud and sunshine with a cool breeze and stayed dry.
An 8 mile route in all.

Wednesday 9 March

Bamford Edge

Leader: Dermot   Photos: Dermot & David

Hathersage, Bolehill Wood, Bamford Edge, Shatton, Derwent Valley Heritage Way

31 walkers, including 4 visitors, participated in a slightly modified route due to the recent landslips, which had closed off part of the Derwent Valley Heritage Trail
We left Hathersage Station and walked via Baulk Lane towards Bolehill Wood on a beautiful bright spring morning.
After a short coffee stop due to the cool breeze we finished the ascent onto Bamford Edge and stopped to admire the magnificent views.

It was then a descent to Heatherdene, before we crossed the Ladybower Dam Wall.
Our lunch stop was at a pleasant open area adjacent to the Thornhill Trail so that we could enjoy the views of Bamford Edge.
After lunch we headed to Shatton and walked by the banks of the Derwent before ascending to Offerton Hall
We stopped to admire the views of our entire route, before finishing the walk via the Leadmill.
Miles covered, including the slight modification were just over 11.

Sunday 6 March

Ashford in the Water

Leader: Mike   Photo: Paul

Pennyunk Lane, Monsal Head, footpath over Cressbrook & Litton Tunnels, Priestcliffe, High Dale, Brushfield, Thornbridge

13 people, including 2 guests from Stockport Ramblers set off in sunny dry weather.
This good weather remained for the duration of the walk.
Walking via Pennyunk Lane we did the steady climb to reach Monsal Head.
Dropping down onto Monsal Trail we headed towards the entrance of Cressbrook Tunnel.
Leaving the trail we headed up using the footpath and went over both Cressbrook and Litton Tunnels, stopping for coffee half way to admire the views below of the River Wye and Millers Dale.
Back on the trail to take the footpath up and through Priestcliffe Lees Nature Reserve.
A steady climb to the top which gave us great views over Wardlow and Foolow.

The track towards Priestcliffe led us on through fields towards the quiet valley of High Dale for our lunch stop ; after which we followed the track through Brushfield on to Butwell Hill which overlooks Monsal Dale and looking across to Fin Cop.
We eventually dropped back onto the Monsal Trail and headed through the Tunnel.
Picking up the footpath going behind Thornbridge Hall and back into Ashford.
A nice walk, with a varied terrain and good views. Enjoyed by all who took part.
Mileage: 10.7 miles

Butwell Hill

Saturday 5 March


Leader: David   Photos: Mel

Baslow, Edensor

Nine members, including three visitors, started out from the Robin Hood Inn for a circular walk around Chatsworth
The start along Dobb Edge, where the bright sunshine provided excellent panoramic views out towards the distant Wellington Monument and Longstone Edge, was followed by a gentle stroll through the trees to the Hunting Tower for morning break.
After sweeping around the Emperor and now drained Swiss Lakes, the descent to Beeley Hilltop and Beeley Lodge led to a breezy lunch break just below Calton Lees.
The ongoing circuitous route across the park land under New Piece Wood rewarded all with excellent encounters with Red Deer stags, Fallow Deer and superb views of Chatsworth House.
On then to Edensor and Chatsworth House itself, with the recently replaced gold leaf shining brightly in the late winter sunshine.
A short break at the House before heading due north towards Jubilee Rock
Just before leaving the Park, a large herd of hinds were spotted enjoying the sunshine, and peace away from the stags, near Jumble Coppice.
The track running under Dobb Edge was then used to return to the Robin Hood.

Wednesday 2 March


Leader: Andrew

Brampton, Holmebrook Valley Park

Given the poor weather forecast, there was a good turnout of 14 for an easy paced Chesterfield area walk starting at the Peacock Coffee Lounge in New Square.
However, with the persistent rain, and taking advantage of the fact that it was local, 6 retired before the return to the town centre.