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News Archive (October 2014)

The Ramblers

More walking reported ….

Sunday 26 October

Today’s short car walk had Reg taking 11 ramblers, including two visually impaired walkers, on a seven mile hike starting from Upper Lumsdale and making their way to Tansley.
They then walked on to Dethick and through undulating countryside back to Lumsdale, having enjoyed fine weather and good walking conditions.
Wednesday 29 October

Gavin and Rhona led the long car ramble. Setting out from Totley with 26 followers, they walked up to the Blackamoor plantation before crossing Totley Moor for lunch – after which they dropped down via Smeekley Wood to Fanshawe Gate and Lydgate before returning to Totley – with everyone having enjoyed the walk and the varied terrain.

Hardwick Park

Hardwick Park

Wednesday 29 October     A walk and a talk

Barbara and Ken had 17 of the short car walkers join them for a walk of six miles, setting out from the Hardwick Visitors’ Centre to Ault Hucknall, reputedly the smallest village in England.
By prior arrangement, on reaching the Church of St John the Baptist, the group were met by the Church Warden, Edwin, who proceeded to give a very interesting talk on the history of the church from its Saxon origins, through its Norman period and the following events to its present day restoration – after which they were served tea and biscuits.
Setting out from the church, the group made their way via the Rowthorne Trail to Lady Spencer’s Walk – passing through the grounds of Hardwick Hall and back to the car park after a very pleasurable day’s walking.

The Ramblers
Wednesday 29 October

Another local walk today.
Rex led 16 from Bolsover, via Palterton. Glapwell, Ault Hucknall, Hardwick, Astwith and the Five Pits Trail – to North Wingfield.

You get a bit of philosophy bandied about on a Ramblers walk – but nothing to match one of the world’s greatest philosophers, Thomas Hobbes from the 17th century, who is buried in Ault Hucknall Church.
He was famous for helping develop a social contract between rulers and ruled, without which there would be

‘no arts; no letters; no society; and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death: and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.’

Rambling, in other words, would not have been safe.

with acknowledgments to Geoff King & Kent Ramblers

with acknowledgments to Geoff King & Kent Ramblers

The Ramblers
Wednesday 22 October

13 of the long car ramblers and one dog, together with walk leader Sue, enjoyed an 11 mile circular walk from Hope – via Lose Hill, Back Tor and Hollins Cross – descending towards Edale before returning
via Rowland Cote, Hope Cross and the Roman Road.
Some steep climbs and descents.

The Ramblers
Wednesday 22 October

A good local walk for 14, led by Val, from the Young Vanish Inn at Glapwell to Danesmoor – via Rowthorne, Norwood, Lady Spencer’s Walk, Hardwick Hall, Astwith, and North Wingfield.

Not much sun around but we covered most of the walk before rain came.

The Ramblers

Some recent walks reported ….

Wednesday 8 October

17 of the long bus ramblers, led by Ann, set off from Calver for a 9 mile circular walk via Grindleford and Padley Chapel.
A coffee break in sunshine but then rain arrived. However during a short dry spell they met up with Adrian and his car ramblers also braving the elements. Return to Chesterfield was by public transport.
Saturday 11 October

Saturday had Dawn leading a group of 13 Ramblers on a 10 mile walk from Ashford in the Water via Churchdale Hall, on to the Monsal Trail and Great Longstone – prior to reaching Monsal Head where the group had a short break.
From there the route continued down to the River Wye where they followed the valley to the A6, up through White Lodge Car Park climbing the hill to Taddington Field – then on to Sheldon and back to Ashford.
Although it started very misty this eventually cleared and it became a beautiful sunny autumn day.

Wednesday 15 October

Reg had 9 local ramblers, together with two visitors from Suffolk, join him for a short car walk of 6 miles setting out from Cromford Meadows.
The day proved fine and with plenty of banter the group covered Cromford Village and the High Peak Trail before returning to the car park.

Wednesday 15 October

Leader for the medium car ramblers, Dawn, led a group of 17 on a 9 mile walk from Ashford in the Water, repeating part of her weekend route for the benefit of Wednesday walkers.

Saturday 18 October

This Saturday’s walk for the visually impaired, led by Barbara and Ken, comprised 15 walkers but only two partially sighted – the lowest number for a long time on these monthly walks.
Starting at the Black Rocks car park, the party went along the High Peak Trail prior to turning off towards Alderwasley, carrying on towards Bolehill and Alport, through the National Stone Centre – where they stopped for tea and ice cream.
They then made their way back onto the Trail for the return to the car park, following a walk in lovely bright, mild but breezy conditions – with only a little mud.

Many thanks to all our leaders ….

The Ramblers
Monday 13 October

With autumn just upon us it may seem a bit early to be thinking of next spring and the Chesterfield Area Walking Festival – which gives a great boost to walking in our area and attracts visitors from far and wide.
Plans however have to be made well in advance and initial ideas of walks are needed to be with the organisers by 25 October.

The Group is usually the largest contributor to the Festival and this year we led 12 of the 63 walks.

If you are interested in leading a walk or assisting in any way, please let us know.
The Festival next year is from 9 – 17 May.

The Ramblers
Saturday 4 October

A good stroll through Chatsworth gardens on a crisp, moonlit night for the ‘Luminaire’.

The Ramblers
Wednesday 1 October

If the Pennine Way from Edale forms the high road to Scotland for Derbyshire walkers, the Bonnie Prince Charlie Walk in the south of the county presumably forms part of the low road.
The general route from Ashbourne to Derby was taken in the Scots invasion of 1745 by the ‘Young Pretender’.

14 of us took the train to Derby and followed a 10 mile route, led by Derby resident Jean, from Mickleover to Allestree, via Radbourne, Lees, and Kirk Langley – following a part of the Bonnie Prince Charlie Walk.

Not the rolling hills of the Peak, but an interesting walk none the less on a warm and dry October day.

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