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News Archive (September 2014)

The Ramblers
Monday 29 September

As Ramblers we see our county in a way non-walkers do not.

We are very fortunate that in Derbyshire we have 3000 miles of footpath and bridleway to enjoy – the equivalent of a walk to Naples and back.
This network has to be maintained and defended and, as Ramblers, we work with the county council to do this.
Our Footpath team are a small but vital part of our membership.
We’re well aware that council resources are limited but there are also threats to our footpaths that come from other sources – and Ramblers, both locally and nationally, have to be always vigilant.

Threats to our ‘green lanes’ by recreational motor vehicles have long been a problem in the Peak – but it’s not confined to the national park.
We are currently, together with local residents, objecting to an application by motorbike trail riders to create a ‘byway open to all traffic’ (BOAT) in Wingerworth.
The latest newsflash gives some background to this.

The proposed route of the BOAT encompasses part of a footpath Public Right of Way.

We don’t know what evidence the applicant has produced to substantiate the claim – but any past usage by motor vehicles over the footpath part of the route may well have been illegal since the Road Traffic Act (1930) – endorsed by Section 34 of the Road Traffic Act (1988).
Any claim based on prior usage by ‘horse and cart’ should have been rendered invalid by the National Environment & Rural Communities (NERC) Act of 2006 – although unfortunately the application preceded it.

It is unfortunate that time and money has, by law, to be spent by the county council in processing claims like this and urge everyone with any local knowledge to respond to the official consultation.

The Ramblers
Saturday 13 September

The final long walk of the summer programme led by Jim, with two Johns, Gordon, and a guest rambler from Norwich, Marita – a Spanish lady who has lived here for 26 years.
The route started and finished from the Royal Hotel, Hayfield, regularly seen as a backdrop to the BBC drama ‘The Village’.

Approximately 15 miles with 2,800 feet of ascent via William Clough (of Kinder Trespass fame), Fairbrook Naze, across the Kinder Plateau to River Kinder, Kinder Downfall, Jacob’s Ladder, South Head and Mount Famine – and a return to Hayfield.

Weather fair, good for walking. Everyone finished in good spirits with Marita even wanting to walk with us again !

The Ramblers
Wednesday 10 September

A warm and sunny September day and an 11 mile walk from Moscar Lodge to Grindleford Station, via Stanage Edge, North Lees Hall and Hathersage.
The numbers carved into the rocks on the ground apparently relate to shotgun positions – with water for the dogs when grouse shooting is taking place.

Thanks to Kay & Jean for leading. There were 13 of us in all, including three guests from Bamford and Maltby.

The Ramblers
Tuesday 9 September

John & Co are back from a five day holiday in Rothbury, Northumberland.
Friendly natives and good hostelries.
The longest walk was of 22 miles, shortest on the first day of 6 miles. Some really rough walking, all done in excellent humour.
The pictures tell the story – no misery here, all pure enjoyment from start to finish. Wonderful !

Next year’s venue is to be Sedbergh in North Yorkshire and the Howgill Fells.

The Ramblers
Wednesday 3 September

The Totley Tunnel on the Hope Valley line never ceases to bring a breath of fresh air to the townie.
Three and a half miles of darkness after the city of Sheffield, blink, and then you emerge at Grindleford Station and the new world of the Peak.

A dozen of us made the rail journey today, alighting at Grindleford and following part of the Derwent and the Noe rivers, via Brough, to Castleton.

Many thanks to Janet, making a welcome return to leading.

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