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News Archive (September 2022)

The Ramblers

Wednesday 28 September


Blackbrook Wood, Redmires Reservoirs, Swinglee Farm, Moorwood Lane

Leader: Isobel   Photos: Mel

Brown Edge

Climbing towards Hallam Head

Despite the bright blue sky and sunshine there was a distinct nip in the air, when standing in the
shade, waiting to start the walk from Rails Road Car park.
The group of twenty-two included two new members who have recently moved up from the south.
The route started by following the River Rivelin east for about a kilometre before crossing the A57
and heading steeply uphill to the path along the Crags that follows the boundary of Hallamshire Golf
Course. Coffee was taken by the side of Black Brook.
The path continued east with views towards Rivelin Dams eventually coming out onto Redmires Road.
After crossing the road and cutting through a children’s play area it reached the Conduit.
It then skirted the banks of the Redmires reservoirs, which remain short of water.
Leaving the reservoirs, we headed back to the Rivelin descending over Brown Edge and New Hagg, from where there were expansive views towards Sheffield and the Peak District.
After another short walk along the banks of the river we recrossed the A57 and turned uphill towards Rod Side via Swinglee Farm. There was then a short descent to Moorwood Lane which runs parallel with the A57.
The walk ended by heading down Rails Road to the car park.          Distance 10.7 miles

Sunday 25 September


Dennis Knoll, Upper Burbage Bridge, Grindleford

Leader: John

The last Sunday walk in the summer programme was a great 12 mile outing on a good walking day – taking in Hathersage, Dennis Knoll, Stanage Edge, Padley Gorge, Leadmill Bridge and an informative tour of Padley Chapel
13 walkers, including 4 guests.

Wednesday 21 September


Palterton, Stockley, Twin Oaks, Heath, Wrang Plantation, Rock Lane, Calow Green, Chesterfield

Leader: Basil

Two public transport walks today with six members on each.
The longer walk involved a linear bus ramble of slightly in excess of 10 miles from Bolsover Market Place to Chesterfield Town Centre on a fine dry day.

The route chosen is determined by how one crosses under or over the M1 by the few possible paths available. Unfortunately, all too often, some of these are obstructed by ploughing and cropping without reinstatement of the public rights of way, which is a legal requirement. Also a padlocked gate was encountered which is also illegal across a public right of way. The Highway Authority needs to address these oft reported issues if they are to fulfil their aims of greater connectivity, increased physical activity, and health for residents and visitors – and attract tourists to sites like Bolsover Castle, the Cundy House, and Sutton Scarsdale.

Guinea Fowl at Owlcotes

The route chosen went via Palterton, Stockley, Twin Oaks, Heath, Wrang Plantation, Rock Lane and Calow Green.
Along the way the change in seasons was observed and our dry paths were crossed by a number of pheasants, and a flock of guinea fowl. Good views were enjoyed but the scale of solar farms and their visiblity was noted. We met another section of the Group ascending to Palterton, having started from Sutton Scarsdale.

Next week we’ll approach Chesterfield from the western direction at Stone Edge and newcomers are welcome. Again bus travel costs will be nil for bus pass holders.

Members can find alternative routes from Bolsover to Chesterfield and vice versa on Ramblers Routes


Erewash & Nottingham Canals, Bennerley Viaduct

Leader: Andrew

Six members opting for the short public transport walk took the train to Ilkeston for a circular walk along the Erewash & Nottingham Canals.
The newly opened Bennerley Viaduct however proved an additional attraction, extending the original five mile walk.

From Hall to Hall

Sutton Scarsdale, Stockley Trail, Palterton, Glapwell, Ault Hucknall, Hardwick Hall, Astwith, Heath

Leader: Mike   Photo: Mel

Below Astwith, with Hardwick Hall in the background

Sunday 18 September


Castleton, Cave Dale, Mam Nick, Edale, Jaggers Clough, Hope Cross, Roman Road

Leader: Simon   Photos: Simon & Mike

With the threat of some rain forecast, six steadfast souls set out from Hope to cross the meadows to Castleton. Avoiding the tempting smells emanating from the bakery, we passed through the village and made our way to the foot of Cave Dale. For once the dale was almost dry, but we still took care climbing across the slippery rocks, worn to a shine by countless boots. Regular stops were taken to enjoy the dramatic limestone scenery and to pick out Peveril Castle perched atop the crags. Morning break was taken at the top – this was greatly enhanced by a slice of Victoria Sandwich. This delicious cake had been made by Lorraine and we were suitably invigorated by the inch-thick fresh cream and home-made jam therein.

We now continued via Rowter Farm to Mam Nick where the weather took a distinctly hivernal turn (for at least 10 minutes!). This was the prevailing meteorological theme for the day with waterproofs both clad and shed in quick succession. A tricky descent down the bridleway soon found us in Edale where lunch was taken in the churchyard. A short walk up the road followed by a right turn at the Nag’s Head took us on to Ollerbrook Booth and then via a concessionary footpath to the youth hostel. As we made our way towards Jaggers Clough, we were treated to magnificent views of the Edale Valley and the Great Ridge. The final ascent of the day was out of the Clough and up to Hope Cross. From there we took the Roman road back to Hope.

Total distance: 13 miles
Total ascent: 1900ft

Saturday 17 September


Eyam Moor, Stoke Ford, Abney

Leader: Barbara   Photos: Mel

Wednesday 7 September


Longnor, High Wheeldon, Pilsbury

Leaders: Paul & Parul   Photos: Mel


South Chesterfield Way, Clay Cross

Leader: Val

South Chesterfield Way

Eight bus ramblers, including one from Derby, and one from Dubai, gathered in Wingerworth on a warm dry day for a 6.5 mile walk led by Val.
The route largely followed a shortened version of the
South Chesterfield Way to Clay Cross, which was designed by the group many years ago.
There are three ascents along the way via Salem Chapel, Hardwick Wood, Britton Wood, and Woodhead – but these provide excellent views looking back to Chesterfield, and over North Derbyshire and beyond.
There is no need to reach the Peak District for these which are accessible to most with a bit of effort.

live tracking on

With excellent timing a bus was waiting at Clay Cross enabling participants to be back in Chesterfield before the heavens opened with a thunderstorm and much needed heavy rain. Travel costs for senior citizen participants were nil, carbon emissions per capita minimal, and the NHS was saved money by virtue of fitter and healthier people benefitting from outdoor sociability.

Why not try out a ‘taster’ walk available on Wednesdays ?

Sunday 4 September

Middleton by Youlgrave

Elton, Stanton, Alport, Bradford Dale

Leader: Graham

Ten group members and three visitors walked a 10.8 mile circular from
Middleton by Youlgrave today – in good weather, with only two short showers.
Some great views over the surrounding countryside.

              Bradford Dale on a March 2017 walk

Saturday 3 September


Beauchief Hall, Poynton Wood, Woodthorpe Hall, Mickley, Lower Bradway

Leaders: Gavin & Rhona   Photos: Mel

Rod Moor lunch

View over to Totley Moss, Salter Sitch, and Brown Edge

Nine people turned up for the walk from Beauchief Allotments on a sunny but overcast day.
We headed up around Beauchief Hall, viewing the deer on the way, and picking up the
Sheffield Country Walk as it passed the Abbeydale Golf Club. From here, we walked through Poynton Wood to Totley Rise and a welcome coffee stop.

A bit of urban walking brought us to Totley and, again, part of the Sheffield Country walk to Woodthorpe Hall, where some of the walkers reminisced about attending the summer parties there that went on all night and into the next day!

From here we skirted Holmesfield Park Wood, deciding to have lunch beyond the newly manured field at Rod Moor and a welcome rest.
After lunch we again picked up the Sheffield Country Walk through Dronfield Woodhouse before venturing across the Dore and Totley golf course between golfers playing across the fairways we were crossing.

Finally, we passed through Old Bank Wood and Beauchief Park and back to our starting point, some 7.5 miles later.

A great walk enjoyed by all on a lovely ‘autumnal’ (according to Carol, the weather girl) day.