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Volunteer Projects

1) Birkinshaw Wood, Holymoorside and Walton NE22 FP 44


Suggest all bridge boards replaced, sizes as follows.
Bridge 3.65m in length, 20 boards required, adjust if wider or narrower boards are used.
Length 600mm
Width 150mm
Thickness 25mm, suggest we replace with 30mm.

Clean down existing steps and install 5 new ones.
Step boards 1000mm x 200mm x 50mm
Stobs to match, i.e. 10 required.


Additionally 1 fencing stake is required to replace existing broken off at ground level.
Duration of project is estimated at 1 week with a team of 5 men.

(submitted for Derbyshire County Council approval 7 April 2018)

2) Frith Hall Wood, Junction of Brampton NE22 FP 56 and 40

Frith Hall Wood FP 56 and 40

The report of the footpath being off line may be correct. A GPS, the presence of the path on the ground and subsequent examination of the map on the County Council mapping portal, indicate that the Holymoorside and Walton FP 56 stays on the north side of the stream. The second, erroneous, footbridge, (image 8390) leads the walker to cross over the stream and then head up to the edge of a field ; see the red line indicated. The primary problem is that the start of FP 56, where it leaves FP 40 is in a parlous, dangerous and unusable state (image 8391). The red line shows the approximate position of the path, and all banks are very steep here.
The bridge over the stream for FP 40 heading up to Frith Hall farm is as far as I can see, correctly placed.


The recommendation is ;

Installing 2 marker posts to clearly show the correct line for the paths, FP 56 and 40 (see image of Frith Hall Wood FP 56 and 40 ; the suggested post positions are marked in blue).
Installing 20 steps for the path leading to Frith Hall, (Frith Hall side of Bridge), FP 40.
Installing 10 steps for the path leading up to Brampton, FP 40.
Installing 12 steps for the path leading up to Offley Place FP 56 (image 8391).

1000mm x 200mm x 50mm, slightly shorter steps could be accommodated here if necessary.


It is also recommended that the erroneous bridge is removed.
The duration of work is estimated at 2 to 3 weeks depending on conditions and team size.

Getting to both sites with equipment and materials is going to be difficult due to distance and location.
In the case of Holymoorside and Walton FP 44, from Chanderhill Lane to the bridge is 550m, from Leagreave it is 820m and from Nether Loads 600m providing we can get the land owner to allow us to enter through The Roost. The best option here is to locate the land owner of the fields to the north of the bridge ; allowed access through the fields we could get within 20m of the bridge. Perhaps the County Council could pursue this option.

In the case of Junction of Brampton FP 56 and 40. I have made arrangements for the transport of both tools and materials to the edge of Frith Hall Wood. We would then need to use barrows from this point. Access to both sites could only be when ground conditions improve.

(submitted for Derbyshire County Council approval 7 April 2018)

3) Holymoorside and Walton NE22 FP 48

Three boards have been broken on the short section of boardwalk between Chander Hill and Frith Hall, Holymoorside and Walton FP 48.
The type of damage to the boards is consistent with that sustained when run over by a mechanical farm machine such as an hedge cutter or the bed of a combine harvester.
The boards are fairly new ; we replaced all of them in 2016. Board size 1550mm x 150mm x 30mm.

If these are replaced then we could replace the rotted board on the steps leading up to the road at Chanderhill ; again we installed these steps originally.
Access would be from Chanderhill for both these two jobs.

(submitted for Derbyshire County Council approval 7 April 2018)