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Short Walks

(1) Carr Vale (3 miles)

(2) Avenue Washlands (4.8 miles)


(3) A Stephenson Trail (3.3 miles)

(4) Chesterfield Western Walk (4.6 miles)

Revolution House, Old Whittington

(5) Two Revolutions (7 miles)

Old Whittington, The Handleys, Barrow Hill, River Rother

A local morning walk of 7 miles, passing two ‘revolution’ museums.
The first meaning of ‘revolution’ is ‘a change in the way a country is governed, usually to a different political system and often using violence or war’ and is reflected in Old Whittington’s
‘Revolution House’, with its part in the Glorious Revolution of 1688.
The other meaning is ‘one complete circular movement of something, for example, a wheel’ and can refer to Barrow Hill’s railway ‘Roundhouse’.
(Definitions from the Cambridge Dictionary)

A steady climb from Old Whittington leads to the Handleys, and is followed by a descent to Barrow Hill.

River Rother on the Hollingwood Hoop

The return is via the River Rother, which runs parallel to the Chesterfield Canal here and forms part of the
‘Hollingwood Hoop’.
The Canal Trust hold an annual
Walking Festival each September.

(6) Bluster Castle (4.3 miles)

Linacre, Birley, Oxton Rakes, Ingmanthorpe

Another short morning walk of a little over 4 miles, this one requiring more energy than some, as it involves a climb with some hefty wall stiles from the Linacre Reservoirs to Bluster Castle, at virtually 1000 feet.
No evidence of any castle here – the area was probably named after its windswept nature – but it gives fine views over Chesterfield & NE Derbyshire.

(7) Silverhill (3.1 miles)

Silverhill, Teversal

A walk of 3 miles, just over the Nottinghamshire border from Hardwick.

From the Silverhill Wood car park, make the gentle ascent to the ‘Miner’ – on the site of one of many former pits in the area, and widely claimed to be the Nottinghamshire high point of 670 feet.
The sculpture, entitled ‘Testing for Gas’ , was created by artist Antony Dufort as ‘a tribute to the miners of the Nottinghamshire coalfields’.
Hardwick Hall can be seen behind the trees.

Continue along the track around the Wood and after passing between two small lakes take the Silverhill Trail to Teversal village. The old village contains St. Katherine’s Church and, behind it Teversal Manor, the assumed home of Lady Chatterley in the DH Lawrence novel.

Return via the Silverhill Trail and the lower path of the Wood.

(8) Chesterfield Northern Walk (4.31 miles)


Eyre Chapel