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The Ramblers
Thursday 15 June

Hardwick Row Ponds

A group of five and a dog named Flynn for the latest short morning walk, led by David.
Meeting at Stainsby Mill the walk of just over two hours took in the village of Astwith, with its fine views of the two Hardwick Halls across the motorway, before returning via the Row Ponds on the Hardwick Estate.
Another warm and sunny June morning.

The Ramblers
Wednesday 14 June

A 13 mile circuit of the Holymoorside Parish Boundary Stones was Basil’s themed walk.
A lovely warm June day for the group of ten, excellent views, and a code to unravel on the Millennium Stones along the way.

Into the Wigtwizzle Woods

High Bradfield is noted in ‘Look North’ @Hudsonweather circles for its windy weather – and we had a taste of it on our last walk there in November 2016.
Today’s June weather could not have been better, with just a warm breeze.

Isobel led ten on an 11 mile circular intriguingly entitled ‘to Wigtwizzle and beyond’ which began in Low Bradfield and went in a clockwise direction via the Agden Reservoir, the Wigtwizzle woods, Broomhead Reservoir, Onesacre, and High Bradfield.
Quite a few ups and downs, but a good walk with very attractive views.

The Ramblers
Saturday 10 June

John describes today’s long walk ;

We began at Chelmorton in wet conditions, but fortunately the weather forecast was right on the money and the rain stopped just as the walk began – and stayed away.
The route covered 18 miles of stunning countryside, lots of spring flowers, and young animals and birds.
We had seven attendees, with Andrea as leader and the walk was completed in 6.5 hours with a pace of just under 3 mph.
All were happy and finished in good spirits !

The next long Walk is scheduled for the 1st of July from Gradbach, starting at 9:30.

David writes ;

Today’s walk was billed as ‘Surprising South Yorkshire’, which turned out to be true in unexpected ways.
The start, from Elsecar Heritage Centre, was delayed as all nine participants managed to get more or less lost thanks to unexpected major roadworks and a lack of road signs.
An alternative return route I recommended then proved to have a road closure and diversions in place, but fortunately not too difficulty to negotiate.
Despite the problems in reaching the meeting point, we were all in good spirits and determined to enjoy ourselves despite the heavy rain.
Fortunately that eased by coffee time and we then were able to gradually shed cagoules and over-trousers.
Our route took us past several of the Wentworth estate follies, with coffee at the ‘Eye of a Needle’ – and then a walk down through the park and past magnificent Wentworth Woodhouse, the stately home with 365 rooms and the longest frontage of any house in the country.
Thanks to a recent Government grant of £7.5 million this stunning building now looks to have a more secure future.
We continued through the parkland, past the Doric Temple, over a bridge between two of the large lakes – and then over the fields to our final folly, the 115 feet high Keppels Column.
Our return to Elsecar was via field and woodland paths through the villages of Scholes and Wentworth.

The Ramblers
Thursday 8 June

The latest in the short walks programme was a circuit to the north of Barlborough today – with attractive dams, woodlands, and meadows.
Good weather, but five rights of way problems reported by Basil en route.

The Ramblers
Wednesday 7 June

A tougher than average trip for a group of twelve, led by David.
Starting from Edale Station the climb on to Kinder was via the Crowden Brook,
which is not the easiest access.
Following lunch the route crossed the plateau to Kinder Downfall, which on a breezy day such as this, fails to live up to its name and provides a shower to everyone in the area.
The return to Edale Railway Station was via Kinder Low and Jacob’s Ladder.

A tree grows on Kinder

Kinder Downfall

The Ramblers
Sunday 4 June

Monyash circular

Photos: John

We’re never far from a well dressing in the summer months.
Well Dressing list for 2017

The Ramblers
Thursday 1 June

A great opening to June with a short morning stroll on a beautiful day from Holme Hall to the Bulls Head at Holymoorside, via Old Brampton

The Ramblers
Wednesday 31 May

David comments ;

16 of set out from Coal Aston on a lovely sunny evening for a 4.5 mile walk around the Moss Valley Woodlands
A field containing alpacas was quite a hit and our walk was made easier by being able to use a series of new field gates.
These replaced some difficult stiles and had been fitted by members of our amazing Ramblers’ working party.

The Ramblers
Saturday 27 May

John reports ;

Saturday’s long walk from Winster Top.
Lorraine leading her first group walk of 18 miles with 7 participants.
A great Walk from Winster to Minninglow, and then on to Ballidon, Rainster Rocks, Harboro Rocks, and the High Peak Trail.
Then the the Via Gellia (valley) towards Birchover and a return to Winster.
Decent weather even though rain threatened on occasions.
The lambs at Winster Top were the icing on the cake !
A brilliant walk with a great leader.

Castleton walk  (with two guests)

Leaders: Gavin & Rhona      Photos: Mel

The Ramblers
Sunday 21 May

A profusion of spring wild flowers ; clockwise from top left: wood anemone, meadow saxifrage, early purple orchid, wild pansy, speedwell and lady’s smock

High point at Wardlow Hay Cop trig point

Peter’s Stone (Gibbet Rock) near head of dale

David’s Cressbrook Skywalk

Photos: John

The Ramblers
Saturday 20 May

The weather was not ideal for the Saturday strenuous walk from Ilam.
John writes ;

Six takers – the walk started on time under fairly ominous skies, but stayed clear until just before Wetton Mill and then the heavens opened.
It rained so heavily we opted not to do Dovedale and the wet limestone and so did another route via Alstonefield – but still covered 18 miles.
The walk was conducted with great humour in spite of the torrential rain.

Early purple orchids

Kath reports on the month’s visually impaired walk ;

Not very many of us this time – only eleven which included two visually impaired and their guide dogs.
The walk started at Pit Lane visitors centre, Pleasley – and from there we went along one of the trails to the cafe at Teversal for a bacon butty lunch.
As it was raining when we resumed the walk, rather than return via Norwood and the Rowthorne Trail, we cut the walk short and returned on the Skegby trail.
Just made it back to the car park as the heavens decided to open yet again. So instead of a five mile walk we only did four.

The Ramblers
Sunday 14 May

Chesterfield Area Walking Festival 2017

Chesterfield & NE Derbyshire Ramblers 50th anniversary

Southern boundary walkers off to Toadhole on a beautiful Walking Festival day

Leader & Photos : Mel

Negotiating Freebirch

Local walkers joined welcome visitors from Canada and Lincolnshire for the western boundary walk.
David led a group of nine from the usually tranquil Freebirch, but today a noisy zone of clay pigeon shooting, in a six mile downward walk through Linacre back to Chesterfield.
A good route on a sunny day, appreciated by all.

The Ramblers
Saturday 13 May

Chesterfield Area Walking Festival 2017

Chesterfield & NE Derbyshire Ramblers 50th anniversary

Creswell Crags

Four walks from the eastern, northern, western, and southern boundaries of our group area this weekend – to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the group.
David led 22 from the Welbeck Estate on the Nottinghamshire border in our eastern boundary walk.
A 14 mile route back to Chesterfield, via Creswell Crags, Bolsover Castle and Sutton Scarsdale Hall – featuring some of our area’s historic attactions and countryside.
The route between Bolsover and Sutton Scarsdale followed part of the new
English Heritage Walking Guide.

Bolsover Castle

The northern boundary at Lightwood

The Ramblers
Thursday 11 May

Chesterfield Area Walking Festival 2017

The streams and brooks to the west of the town not only add to its attractiveness, but were important for early industry and the town’s wealth.
A ten mile walk, led by Mel.

Val reports on the ‘Five Pits and A Pond’ walk ;

We were 15 people, including 5 Ramblers members and we enjoyed a fairly leisurely 5 mile circular walk from Clay Cross, pausing to look at evidence of some of the history of Clay Cross.
We ascended over fields to the Five Pits trail and along to the Wolfie Pond, with a welcome picnic stop accompanied by sunshine and bird life tempting us to stay longer !
A descent via a disused rail line and beside the present line brought us back to Clay Cross.

The Ramblers
Wednesday 10 May

Chesterfield Area Walking Festival 2017

Andrew hosted a Walking Festival ‘long bus’ event, with 19 people and two dogs turning up in Holmesfield – on a day with wall to wall warm sunshine.
His route was the ‘figure of eight’ trail to Longshaw and back, identical to his walk of July, 2016 at a slightly slower pace – perhaps due to the work involved in getting dogs over stiles.

Not fit for large dogs unfortunately

One stile above Totley, crossed by wire, was particularly difficult – but the law doesn’t insist on dog-friendly stiles.
Strangely only the owner has the right of passage.

The Longshaw route

The Ramblers
Tuesday 9 May

Chesterfield Area Walking Festival 2017

After yesterday’s meander to the west, Mel headed out on an eastern industrial meander, starting from George Stephenson’s resting place at Holy Trinity on Newbold Road.

The Ramblers
Monday 8 May

Cannon Mill

Chesterfield Area Walking Festival 2017

If Chesterfield was ‘the centre of industrial England’, then Brampton was the centre of industrial Chesterfield.
David led a 4.5 mile circular walk from the Town Hall entitled an ‘industrial meander to the west.’
A remarkably traffic-light route using footpaths old and new, seeking clues to the area’s historic past and enjoying a few rural scenes on the way.
A Walking Festival group of 24, armed with an old map.

1898 local map

The Ramblers
Sunday 7 May

Chesterfield Area Walking Festival 2017

Another great turnout for the 34 mile Chesterfield Round Walk on a fine day, with the return of many familiar faces.
Once again a full range of Facebook photos.

The Ramblers
Friday 5 May

Another in the series of short local walks saw Basil lead seven around the western part of Holymoorside and Walton Parish.
A village with a thriving historical society that owed much of its early development to cotton spinning – BBC Domesday Project

The Ramblers
Wednesday 3 May

A woodland route

One of today’s long car walkers remarked that today’s route was one of the flattest Ramblers walks she had encountered.
It was of course a Nottinghamshire circular where hills are few and far between.
Over the 12 mile journey there was only 700 feet of ascent and descent.

Andrew led a group of 24 from Duncan Wood near Budby to South Lodge, Hardwick Village, and Clumber Park itself.

…. previously on chesterfieldramblers


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