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The Ramblers
I hope that you are well and keeping safe.

You may have heard the recent announcement from the UK government that from the 14 October a new three tier (medium, high, very high) approach to COVID-19 restrictions was introduced.

Despite these changes, we’re happy to confirm that Ramblers group walks in England can continue to run, for up to 30 people (or less should your group or walk-leader set a lower limit), whilst following our guidance to keep walks safe and COVID-secure.

Given the health and well-being benefits of walking, we think it’s right to help people access the outdoors in a safe and responsible way.

Why can Ramblers group walks continue with the new restrictions and with the “rule of six” ?

Outdoor physical activity is exempt from restrictions affecting medium, high and very high tiers. Ramblers group walks are also exempt from the “rule of six” in accordance with UK Government guidance. These are exempt from the latest restrictions, as we have already met the protocols, and put extra measures in place to reduce the risks of COVID-19.

The group’s official winter programme has started.
Please consult Walksfinder and contact the leader(s) to join any walk.
This enables them to ensure that it will be under government and Ramblers guidelines and allows them to contact you if there are unavoidable late changes.
In view of ongoing coronavirus uncertainty they are only being posted on a month by month basis.

What changes affecting travel should I be aware of ?

The three-tier system means that walkers in England should not travel to or from very-high alert areas, and must not travel to lockdown areas in Wales. There are also considerable travel restrictions in Scotland. When travelling do check on local restrictions, particularly if crossing the border into Scotland and Wales. Travel restrictions are changing quickly.

We realise that many of our Ramblers groups have members who live across different areas. Where this is the case, you should follow government guidelines and only join suitable walks from your group or other groups.

What about walking with friends ?

When you’re out walking with friends and family (and not with a Ramblers group), the “rule of six” applies across all three tiers of restrictions in England (these rules differ in Wales and Scotland).

If you are in a “high” risk area, you must not meet someone from a different household indoors. If you are in a “very high” risk area you also must not meet anyone from a different household indoors, or in outdoor settings like pub gardens, or private gardens. You may also find some pubs closed. Please bear this in mind if you are going on a longer walk with friends or family. You can find a useful info-graphic from the UK government here.

Keep safe whilst out walking

If you want to join a Ramblers group walk:

Our walk leaders are carefully considering the best approach for their areas and groups so always refer to your local group for the latest information. Before joining a walk, we strongly recommend reading
Ramblers Restart: Taking part in COVID-safe walks, which has been put together in line with the latest government guidance.

If you’re walking alone or with friends and family:

Be prepared: Government guidelines are changing regularly and vary locally so make sure you are aware of, and comply with, additional local restrictions that may affect your walk.
Be safe: Maintain good hygiene and physical distancing. If you begin to show COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19, you must self-isolate.
Be considerate: Be sensitive to rural communities if considering travelling further from home to walk. Make sure to follow the Countryside Code (England and Wales) or Scottish Access Code.

Keeping up to date

Do keep an eye on your group’s website and social media channels, and our go walking page for up-coming walks near you. You may find your Group needs a little bit more time to plan walks for you, so there may not be walks immediately available.

We’re following government guidelines closely and will be in touch to update you if things change.

Our team are currently dealing with a very large number of emails and calls. We would be very grateful if you could refrain from contacting us by phone or email where possible. We will continue to update our website with the latest information.

Thank you so much for your support over this period, which means so much to us. 

Keep safe and happy Rambling!  


Nicola Fickling
Central Office Head of Membership 

Download the Ramblers app

For those walking independently within the government limit of a group of six there is a selection of walks on the Ramblers website at Ramblers Routes

In addition we have a sortable library of some of our walks undertaken in the last five years in a GPS Walk Library

The condition of local footpaths can be checked, and paths that are not recorded rights of way can be logged, in anticipation of the 2026 deadline

Chesterfield & NE Derbyshire Ramblers before coronavirus

The Lost Rambler

Where am I ?

10 miles from the Cromford Canal to Mansfield on the oldest continuously running commercial railway in England

The Ramblers


Wednesday 9 September

Leader: Andrew    

Not much remains of the summer programme because of the ongoing coronavirus issue, but it was a welcome return to official activity for a group of six on a beautiful September day on a local walk.
The outing concluded with a guided tour of what remains of the Wingerworth Hall estate.

Not a Ramblers built stile    (seen on Chinley Churn)

The Ramblers

Whaley Bridge

Chinley Churn, Hayfield,
Mount Famine

Wednesday 14 October

Photo: Mike

…. previously on chesterfieldramblers

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