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The Ramblers

As of July 30, Ramblers group walks can resume with an upper limit of 30 people.
This is a strong step towards walks as we have come to know them, but the coronavirus has not gone away and attention is drawn to the Central Office guidance
The situation can change rapidly and it is essential to check Walksfinder details immediately prior to an official walk or to contact the Walk Leader.

Some walks, particularly public transport ones, may still be subject to cancellation – although others not in the summer walks programme may be added.

There is a selection of walks on the Ramblers website at Ramblers Routes

In addition we have a sortable library of some of our walks undertaken in the last five years in a GPS Walk Library.

Four local trails with an audio description

Download the Ramblers app to a phone

The condition of local footpaths can be checked, and paths that are not recorded rights of way can be logged, in anticipation of the 2026 deadline

Chesterfield & NE Derbyshire Ramblers in normal times

The Lost Rambler

Home: Where are you ?
Lost Rambler: Dunno
Home: What does your What3Words app say ?
Lost Rambler: Just a minute – tropic.ironclad.solve
Home: You’re in India ? – I could be a while
Lost Rambler: Oh no, I’ve missed a letter – it’s tropic.ironclad.solves

…. continued

The Urban Right of Way

Urban Rights of Way Responsibilities

What is the longest rights of way walk in our area (without using roads or retracing steps) ?

Unless you know better, the answer seems to be the 5.6 miles from Holbeck Close on Brimington Road in Chesterfield to Hall Lane near Barrow Hill – via the Rother and the Chesterfield Canal.
(12 continuous footpaths, varying from 0.024 of a mile to 1.454 of a mile).
It is possible to walk 10 miles from Holbeck Close to Killamarsh with only a slight right of way interruption in Staveley.

…. previously on chesterfieldramblers

Ramblers Privacy Policy

  1. Hi you may remember me and my colleagues Denise and John who walked with your group earlier in the year

    It now appears groups of 30 can now meet and I was wondering if you could let me know of your forthcoming walks as we threeceould love to join you again

    Many thanks Pete

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